5 Reasons to Move to Chandler, Arizona

Chandler is a phenomenal city with the perfect balance of culture, restaurants, and family-focused events. Commuting from Chandler is reasonable due to the easy access to all the major freeways, Loop 101, Loop 202, and US 60. Yet, in the beautiful state of Arizona, choosing which city to live in can be tough. Gilbert has a great farmers market every Saturday, Mesa has a phenomenal Art Center and more affordable taxes, and Phoenix is being turned into the place where older homes are being renovated into beautiful environments. Despite these great positives for each city, we’ve listed the 5 reasons why moving to Chandler and living in Chandler is the best decision you’ll make.

Chandler has the best coffee & beer

I could list for you all the great coffee shops and all the best places to get the best craft beer but I’m going to keep this as subjective as possible (yes, our opinions will rule this blog). When you are in Chandler, you must check out Peixoto Coffee Roasters. Their coffee is amazing like most, but their story is even better. The owner grew up in Brazil with her family working on their coffee farm. She eventually left Brazil and moved to Chandler where she and her husband opened Piexoto Coffee. Their family in Brazil grows the coffee beans, ships them to her and her husband, where they artisanally roast the coffee, and you get to enjoy it! Literally from crop to your cup! Check them out as soon as you can.

Chandler has the best downtown environment

Chandler is unique, every area of Chandler has their own niche, culture, and benefits; but the core Chandler can be found in their downtown strip. Downtown Chandler is saturated with amazing food, great companies, and a Friday night experience you can’t beat. One of my favorite places in downtown Chandler is Wimpy’s Paradise. It’s a fresh reminder of the community that Chandler has to offer. They have news-worthy burgers like their Big Buck Burger, which features a “High-Protein, Fried Bologna Wonder.” They also serve a killer breakfast that tastes like the homemade food you miss from your younger days, served on paper plates that you’ll love. To top it off, you’ll love the prices!

Living Chandler the Facebook Group

A community can make or break a neighborhood or even a city, but with Chandler’s 247,477 growing population how do you find community, friends, even just a place to ask for a recommendation. Introducing Living Chandler. Living Chandler is a Facebook group of 53,407 members (and growing) where Chandler residents come together to ask for recommendations, make friends, encourage each other, ask for help when times are bad, they even have posts about others helping others find jobs! You can’t beat this in a city like Chandler.

Tumbleweed Christmas Tree

Christmas in July? Okay, so the Tumbleweed Christmas tree is only around in downtown Chandler for a little more than a month but it’s still super cool and is a tradition in Chandler for many years. It started in 1957 with a farmer who decided to make a Christmas tree out of tumbleweeds and a few other farmers pitched in to help; little did they know it would become a well-known tradition. In terms of a Christmas tree, it’s the only one of its kind in the Southwestern USA.

Jobs in Chandler

Chandler has experienced a boom when it comes to employment opportunities. From manufacturing to aerospace, banks, and software companies, they are all finding their reasons move to Chandler and plant their roots. One of their newest members is Faithlife, a Bible software company that renovated an old run-down grocery store into their new Arizona HQ for their software and sales team. They are not alone, just a few of the top players in Chandler are companies like Intel, Bank of America, Paypal, General Motors, and Perform Air International, a company that provides service to both the Commercial and Military Aviation Industries. When you move to Chandler you won’t find it hard to settle down into a great career!

Have we convinced you to move yet? We promise you’ll love it. At least come check us out, fly in (Phoenix Sky Harbor is only 20 minutes away), drive-in, or walk, whatever method, don’t miss out on seeing our wonderful city.

Chandler Movers

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