5 Reasons Moving Your Home with Friends is Fun

I find it amazing to hear how many people find it fun to move their entire home with friends! As a business owner and as a business owner in the moving industry, I never found that bringing friends together to move personal belongings would be enjoyable nor worth it.

I knew that I needed to find a happy compromise so I went to a few of my friends who have never hired a moving company in Chandler and asked them all reasons why they find it enjoyable to move their house with friends. Here are the top 5 reasons that they came up with:

Shopping Around Sucks

The first reason that I heard was that shopping around for moving companies is a headache! You first have to vet the moving company in the near area. Since we are located in Chandler, most people vet moving companies within the 10-mile radius. After sifting through all the great, good, bad, and ugly reviews then you have to call each company. Then what happens if the company you like doesn’t have availability. I get it. It’s one of the downsides of my job but we’ve tried to make it easier by giving our clients an online booking option. But at any rate, try to make sure you choose a company that balances a good price with customer service and love for the industry.

Flexibility in Timing

When I asked my buddy about why he specifically didn’t use a moving company in Chandler last time he moved, he responded and explained that he needed to be really flexible in the time. He had a few items to do that day and didn’t know whether he would be moving on Saturday or Sunday. It makes sense. Unfortunately, in the moving industry we do have small fees for last-minute cancellations but if you ever are in a pinch, give your moving company a call and usually, they are happy to accommodate.

Feeling of Accomplishment

Have you ever cleaned out your garage? After a long day of cleaning, organizing, and throwing away items you finally have a garage that fits all your cars? It’s a great feeling of accomplishment. That is why some people like to move their home with their friends. Imagine waking up at 5 am with your entire house a mess, in boxes, and ready to move. A long hard day of work with friends, moving back and forth between the old and new house and then by sunset you are done. Your old house has nothing but wires left in it and your new house is oddly home feeling now with your new adventure about to start. Sounds exciting and a huge sense of accomplishment.

Time with Friends

Of all the reasons to move your home with friends, this is my favorite reason I heard. I asked a friend of mine and they said it’s a really great way to spend time with friends and do something together. Helping each other out is what friendships are all about so why not leverage friends to help move your home, that way when their turn comes to help move their friends, they will do it. This should be your number one reason to move without a company; think about all the inside jokes you’ll have after that day.

Saving Money

The one that I don’t know if I totally agree with is the fact that you get to save money by moving with friends. I totally get this though, I’ve been in college, young and with lots of energy so I could use that to save some money and do things myself. You just have to be careful. Uhaul may advertise a truck for $19.99 but with taxes, fees, and paying for gas and mileage, you are probably looking to pay closer to $55-$70 for the truck alone. This assumes you have a small 10-mile drive between houses. Then take the supplies you need to move all your items, the damage that you’ll get on your items for friends who get lazy, and then add what your time is worth for a 14 hour day. It can save you money moving with friends but it comes quite close to the same cost you’ll have moving with a company locally. I love local chandler moving jobs because we can knock those out quickly and by lunch, you are in your new house!

As movers in Chandler and also serving Gilbert, we find that moving with a moving company is easier, secured, and more efficient. We move homes and people every day and know how to efficiently and safely move homes but I understand how moving with friends can be enjoyable. Hey, if a few slices of pizza for your friends and a 14 hour day works, then all power to you! But if you want your home moved safely, efficiently, and with a lot less work then give us a call. Go grab a beer with friends instead!


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