Relieving Post-Move Anxiety

Moving in to a new place can be quite taxing, especially when moving to an entirely new town or city that you aren’t familiar with yet. The initial excitement of moving winds down and gets replaced by anything from anxiety to restlessness. Sometimes when moving to a new town or city people experience culture shock at how different things are which can become quite overwhelming. Getting adjusted to your new surroundings is important, so here are a few tips on how to ease the transition:

Familiarize yourself with the surroundings:

Now this may seem like a no brainer at first, but you’d be surprised at how much this helps when easing into your new neighborhood. Learning the lay of the land helps get over the initial hurdle of culture shock, stops you from procrastinating for the first few days, and helps reduce that overwhelming feeling of being in a new place. Learning where all the necessities are located is important too, and can help foster familiarity with the area. Especially learning the routes to and from your place of work, and if you have family the schools as well, would help save the hassle of time management with your commutes. This also provides you with activities to do if you moved with a family, and could also help you bond with or make friends in the area.

Keep in contact with friends and family:

While it is important to get adjusted to moving to a new place, one should not forget about their friends and family that were left behind so to speak. Keeping in touch with them helps provide a sense of familiarity when you are surrounded by so much new stuff, and lets them know that you haven’t forgotten about them as well. Keeping in touch in this day and age is a lot easier compared to waiting for mail, and while you aren’t going to have the same kind of relationship where you could see each other often, you can still remain in contact with your friends and family.

Give yourself time to relax:

Moving is often a stressful task, even after it’s done. Make sure you allow yourself some time to adjust to your surroundings. Give yourself a breather and treat yourself a little to relieve some stress and concerns. Whether it’s through cleaning your home, or going out and exploring your new city, or just watching movies at home, find something that calms you down. This also ties back to the first two tips because knowing that you are still loved and cared about by your loved ones back home helps you know that you aren’t technically alone, and that learning about your new place can help put you at ease.


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