Pearson Moving and COVID-19

Due to developing information regarding the coronavirus, government regulations, business shutdowns, etc. we felt that we needed to provide this update to all of our upcoming customers.

As of now, Pearson Moving will conduct business as usual with increases in cleaning, sterilization and limiting contact in a professional fashion. We are a small business that was built on handshake deals and being friendly with our customers when meeting them, but for the next few weeks we will discourage our staff to directly shake hands with clients, not out of disrespect but out of caution. We will also be transitioning to a cashless payment system. Payment will be accepted via credit/debit card.

If you or someone around you has been feeling sick or recently traveled out of the country, please call our office at 480.262.1744 to discuss rescheduling your move at a later date or refund/credit options. We value our employees’ health and future customers’ well-being.

Please disinfect all furniture before and after your move, this will help our movers and equipment stay clean, in addition to our sterilization process.

Please open windows at both residences during your move to allow for constant fresh airflow.

All Pearson staff are encouraged to stay home from work if they are not feeling well. Our company has a staff of eight employees, all of which are never meeting together in groups larger than 2-3 people.

As staff and government policy permits, we will continue operating as normal, however, if we are required to shut down for a short time, we will update all current clients and offer reschedules/refunds/credits.

Thank you for allowing our business to work with you on this upcoming move and we are all Americans/Humans through these uncertain times.

-Kyle Pearson
President, Pearson Moving