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Should you buy moving insurance for your move?

Did you know that by law moving companies, like us, CANNOT sell moving insurance to any clients?

The Department of Transportation requires moving companies to offer a Basic Valuation at $0.60 per pound in the event of any damages.

This, most likely, will not cover the full value of any item that could be damaged in a move. 


Let’s say we are moving the beautiful TV you have in your living room. And you bought this TV for $950. If during the move, your TV get’s damaged and now does not work, we will only reimburse you for the weight of your TV times $.60. So if your 48” TV weighs 23 lbs, by law you’ll get a check from us for a minimum of $13.80. THAT SUCKS, we know. 

But, with typical insurance, it’s a different story.

Moving insurance provides full coverage on every item in the move. This works like a normal insurance policy with an upfront premium and a deductible in the case of damage.

This means that your 48” TV would be paid out in full for the value minus the deductible! All things considered, that premium and deductible could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Pearson Moving is a team of trained, licensed and insured professionals, but there is a risk for damage anytime someone, moving company or not, moves home goods on the road with other drivers. We do our absolute best to protect your belongings (our reviews prove it: Google and Facebook), but in the rare case something happens, we highly recommend an extra layer of security with supplemental insurance to avoid any loss.

If you want to add moving insurance to your move contact

No matter what you decide, here is some recommended add-on protections that can help keep your items safe:

TV BOXES - $30

we can’t move your TV without it. Trust us, it’s in your best interest

FLOOR PROTECTION $25 per house

don’t risk your security deposit on your last day, and don’t ruin the floors in your new home

WARDROBE BOXES $15 per box

this will save us time, and your money. Plus, you get to keep it!

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