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Excellent, we’d love to be the team that helps you move! We are Pearson Moving and we’re excited to see you here. We know how stressful it is to move, let alone finding a great moving company you can trust to help you take that stress away. But we are locals who help literally hundreds of customers every year. In fact, our office is right here in Chandler. Here’s a fun fact; did you know that Americans move 11 times on average in their lifetime? That’s A LOT of packing, unpacking, arranging, repacking, and… well you get the picture. So why not let our team make it easier this time for you and your family? If you want top-rated movers in Phoenix AZ, there’s no need to look any further – let’s talk!

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Residential Moving

We can move your home, apartment, townhouse, storage unit, condo, nursing home, and more!

Commercial Moving

We can move your single desk or your entire warehouse! Speak to someone on our team today to discuss

Interstate Moves

Moving long-distance? No problem, we got you! We provide interstate moves to many different states. Give us a call today!

Packing & Unpacking Service

Need help packing, unpacking, and all that good stuff? Perfect, we’d love to help. Give our team a call today!


Need Residential Movers in Phoenix? No Problem!

Movers Phoenix AZ is your most trusted and reliable moving company in the area. Ask your friends, neighbors or office manager next door that have used our services about their experience. We are responsible and very careful with your belongings. We have heard all of the horror stories of moving companies destroying your possessions while packing or moving them. Movers Phoenix AZ take pride in what we do! Your satisfaction with our business and the safety of things dear to you is our top priority. Licensed and insured, and have strong backs and we know how to pack. Movers Phoenix AZ has moving logistics worked out, so you have nothing to worry about.

Few facts about Phoenix, AZ

Living in Phoenix is significantly more affordable than places like Los Angeles and Sacramento, California. Overall, the cost of living in Phoenix is 5 percent lower than the national average, according to Payscale.

For retirees who live on a fixed income, moving to Phoenix can be ideal due to the reasonable cost of living balanced with a number of amenities available. Property taxes are low compared to other large cities, but unlike retiree destinations in Orlando, you will have to pay Arizona state income tax. Arizona also has a vehicle tax you pay when you register and when you renew your registration on your vehicle.

Even though home prices are on a steady incline after the housing market collapse around 2010, property values still fall well below comparable areas in California and are just slightly above the national average.

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