Things to Know About Moving to Chandler

Making a move is a HUGE deal. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a city over or moving across the country really! Taking your belongings and your family to a completely different place is both exciting and scary.

However, if you’re moving to Chandler Arizona, you have some pretty cool things to look forward to. As a local moving company in Chandler, we see people come and go all the time. One thing that is always clear to us, is that those leaving Chandler, leave a piece of them behind, and take a piece of Chandler with them to their new home.

Some things to get you excited for your move to Chandler:

  • One of the Nation’s Most Playful Cities: Chandler has made a gigantic effort to make physical activities and play a public priority. If you’re moving here with a family, your kids will never be bored. If you’re just a kid a heart, it’s perfect for you too. Fun is taken very seriously here.


  • We Have Some Good Food: If you attend the Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-Off, you will experience some super cool historical cooking methods. The restaurants are vast, and the diversity is fantastic.


  • Chalder Has Great Art: Public art is another large focus in Chandler. The array of local parks display art all the way downtown. Plus, the Chandler Center for the Arts has the Vision Art Gallery along with a large performing arts theater. At the theater, you can attend anything from plays to the ballet to the Chandler Symphony Orchestra!


  • Bird Riding: Remember when we said Chandler was diverse? Well, where else can you go to see dozens of men riding on an Ostrich? Chandler hosts the Ostrich Festival every spring.



  • Pet Friendly: In addition to the Ostrich Festival, Chandler also hosts Woofstock where your pup can get the pampering it desires. Dog parks are scattered all over the city allowing your pooch to make friends too.


When thinking about your move to Chandler, think about all the fun activities you’ll be able to take part in, and all the unique culture that lives here. Whether you have human babies, or fur babies, it’s guaranteed to be a fantastic place to settle in. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your move, give us a call at Pearson Moving 480.262.1744 or schedule your move online now.


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