keys to new houseIt’s crazy to think that 2018 is already winding down. What was your 2018 New Year’s resolution? Did you accomplish it? Take a second and think back on all the things you achieved. At Pearson Moving, 2018 was a great year. We moved friends and family in Chandler, all around the state and country. We met some amazing people, welcomed new babies, and loved on plenty of furry friends. What does 2019 hold? As a moving company in Chandler, AZ, we hope it holds plenty of new faces coming to town, new businesses to grow, and more events to enjoy with our loved ones.

We think 2019 is the year of the new home. New year, new home – right? There are plenty of reasons people find a new home; moving out of mom’s house, off to college, new love, new job, sporadic adventure, growing family, fresh start. Regardless of your reason for the move, you want to make sure your things get from old home to new home on time, and taken care of. Pearson Moving has been servicing the Chandler area for over 8 years, and have rave reviews. Our team offers services from packing to local moves to storage, and are fully trained and insured.

New beginnings are both scary and exciting. At Pearson Moving, we want to help make it a little less daunting for you. Call us now to schedule your move 480.262.1744, or book online at


Top 5 Reasons For Moving To Gilbert Arizona

So, you’re considering moving to this beautiful city of Gilbert Arizona, eh? We’d love to have you here! Located approximately 30 minutes away from Phoenix,

Relieving Post-Move Anxiety

Moving in to a new place can be quite taxing, especially when moving to an entirely new town or city that you aren’t familiar with

Things to Know About Moving to Chandler

Making a move is a HUGE deal. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a city over or moving across the country really! Taking your belongings