Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving is hard. Moving with kids is even harder. Anyone with a child knows children are creatures of habit. God forbid you give them the red cup with breakfast when you know good and well the blue cup is the breakfast cup. No imagine that times 10 when you’re about to up and move them from the very space that keeps them safe at night. It’s HARD. Plus, kids come with their own array of things – toys, furniture, endless clothing. The good news is, we’ve developed a list of some tips to help make your move with kids just a little bit easier.

  1. Sleep Time is Packing Time: Ever tried to fold laundry with a toddler? Well, packing goes very similarly. You put it in, they take it out. Take advantage of sleeping hours to get a more efficient use of your time, plus avoid the screams that follow when you pack their all of a sudden favorite toy.
  2. Don’t Shy Away from Help: Take advantage of those IOU’s and ever so generous friends and family of yours. Chances are, Grandma’s been waiting for an invite to come play with the kids anyway. Plus, having someone else distract the kids lets you focus on packing and putting things where you want them
  3. Color Coding: Avoid the hassle of searching for a sharpie with every new packed box. Stock up on various colors of tape. Blue for the kitchen, red for the baby’s room etc. Plus, colored tape makes it fun for the kids and helps them feel special as your packing up all their things.
  4. It’s Never Too Early: You might be afraid to start packing too early, and that you might need something. Trust me, it’s not too early. We have SO MUCH stuff in our homes, that we could spend weeks packing before even noticing a dent. Keep 2 days’ worth of dishes out, and pack the things that aren’t necessities. With kids, things come up. One gets sick and you’re not packing for a week – so leave plenty of time to get it done.
  5. Sell After Bedtime: Sell things at night or when the kids aren’t around. With all the change happening, they’re bound to be extra attached to their things, so don’t add the loaded stress of making them watch you give it away. Pack things into the car to take to donate at night too – really it will save you a lot of tears.
  6. Suitcases: Give each family member their own suitcase. Have the kids pack what they’ll need for about a week. This makes it super easy when you arrive in your new home so you’re not rummaging around trying to find clothes. Plus, it’s fun for the kids too because it makes it feel like a vacation.
  7. New Surprises: Pick up a few new toys or games that you can have ready to display at the new home. You can tell the kids “There’s a secret exciting surprise waiting for you at the new house!” It makes saying good-bye just a tad easier, and makes the new home seem like some fantasy where cool toys live.
  8. Be Patient: It takes time for everyone and everything to settle into a new home. How do you get to school? Where is the grocery store? The doctor? Thank goodness for GPS. Be patient with yourself and with your littles, it’s not easy.

To make the move even easier on you, give us a call at Pearson Moving to help take a load off your back. Our team of licensed and insured professionals is ready to get you and your family into your new home!


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