Tips for Packing Furniture

When it comes time to start packing furniture for a move, it seems you all of a sudden have more things that you ever noticed. The key to a successful move is planning. The most important piece of your plan revolves around your larger pieces of furniture and any fragile items. Packing and transporting these safely is top priority.

  • Take inventory of  furniture – take note of any furniture you have that will be moved to your new home, their condition and how many pieces are part of that set. Any furniture that won’t be suitable for your new home can be donated. This will help you plan for how many rolls of furniture wrap or padding you might need, and can help your movers decide on how to load the van.
  • Create floor plan of your new space – understand exactly what the layout of your new home will look like, and get an idea of how you plan to decorate. By planning where you’ll put furniture you’ll be able to assess what is and is not worth moving.
  • Measure your furniture – you might love that gigantic couch in your basement, but does your new home have the space for it? Will your armoire fit through the bedroom doors? It’s important to know what furniture might not have a space in your new home, so you can save time and money on moving them.
  • Removing unwanted furniture – find a way to get rid of the old furniture you decide not to take with you. You could sell them, donate them, or just throw them away. No matter what, you’ll want to take care of this before you schedule your move.
  • Trust the professionals –  if you want your valued pieces to be properly packed, safely shipped, and delivered to your new home in prime condition, hiring a fully licensed and insured moving team is your best bet. Sure, you and some reliable friends could probably get the job done, but grandma’s china might not survive the trip.
  • Buy packing supplies – you are going to want (and need) corrugated cardboard sheets, bubble wrap, packing tape, plastic stretch wrap, moving blankets, sealable plastic bags, sofa covers, and mattress bags. Special equipment like a dolly, furniture pads, moving straps, hand tools, personal protection gear, and property protection materials) may also be helpful and/or required, but especially in the case of a DIY move.
  • Disassemble Furniture – sure, you can move some of your furniture with it assembled, but to better ensure your furniture remains in good condition, disassembling it allows for easier packing, better protection against scratches and dents and faster move times.

When you’re ready to make your move, give us a call at (480) 360-4651. Pearson Moving is a local team of trusted, licensed and insured professionals. We’ll treat your belongings as our own, and deliver them safely.


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